Church History

Rev. Colin Hunter (Oakleigh Baptist) envisioned that the suburb of Clarinda had the potential for a Baptist Church to be established.

On the 22/01/1987 in the home of Rev. Chris and Carole Herbert a group of interested people came together to discuss the new Church’s potential. Its original title was The Clarinda Outreach Group. The first people attending were the Rev. Chris Herbert, Carole Herbert, Boyd Hando, Elva Hando, Glad Burmeister, Sylvia & Gerry Vanderhorst, Rev. Gordon Merry, Ron Stevens, Lew & Jenny Celle and Garry Harwood. 

 First Church Service – Viney Street Community Hall – 22nd March 1987 Rev. Gordon Merry

 First Regular Pastor – 24th May 1987 Robert Arnold

 First Sunday School – 7th June 1987

 First Drop In – 11th June 1987

Robert Arnold acquired the current Church property on behalf of the Congregation, subject to loan in March 1988
Clarinda Church House Dedication – 10th April 1988
Grant from Baptist Union to purchase 124 Bourke Road Clarinda January 1995

Kids Club Started – July 1997

Ministers Over the Years:
– Rev. Craig Semple – 1993 – Church Worship Services – Sundowner Hall
– Rev. David Enticott – 1/02/2001

– Rev. Geoff Blackburn – 2003
– Rev. Lindsay Smith – 2004
– Rev. Peter Jenkins – 2005
– Rev. Ian Mitchell (Pastoral Advisor) March. 2006 – 2007

The Church Changed it’s Leadership Model to Elder Deacons – in 2008 with Lew Celle appointed as Elder.

Worship Services moved to 124 Bourke Road, Clarinda.

The Church then reverted to Pastor Deacons again in 2015, with Lew Celle appointed as Pastor.

Current Leadership team
Pastor– Lew Celle  |  Deacons –  Judy Halligan,  Anita Moran, Jenny Celle & Dianne Harbour